How Many People do You Need to Shoot a Video


To produce a video for your company or organization, you’ll likely need more than one person to help make it all happen. After all, video and film production requires more collaboration than any other communication medium. So as you go through the budget and review each line item, you’ll see a lot of personnel, especially in production.

At Sparkworks Media we do it all. DP, Gaffer, Grip, Director, Producer… There are potentially several people who can be involved in a given video production. Who are these people and do you really need them all? The answer comes down to the creative goals of your video and the scale of what you are trying to achieve. For example, a short web video of a CEO delivering a message directly to camera while sitting in his/her office, could be pulled off with 2-3 crew members – most likely, a producer, a director of photography and a teleprompter operator.

While a mid-scale corporate marketing video shoot in a studio environment could have 8-12 crew members including, a hair and make-up artist, camera operators, gaffer and grips. With all the activity going on set it can be hard to follow who is doing what. On most sets, big or small, every individual plays a key role in bringing the final product to life. On smaller sets, often times these individuals fill many roles. The key for any project is to have the right amount of people to accomplish the job, whatever the scale may be. Here are some of the key positions you may encounter on a corporate video shoot and what exactly they do.

Director / Producer – Depending on the scale of a production these can be the same person or two separate positions. The Director is in charge of overseeing all creative decisions from scripting, to directing actors (or your CEO), to supervising the final edit. The Producer is charge of the business and logistics of the production. This covers everything from budget and crewing to securing locations and production cast & crew. They ensure all elements of the production stay on-time and on-budget.

Director of Photography – This individual serves as primary camera operator, lighting and shot designer on a corporate set. They create the overall look and feel of the video through lighting design, camera movement and shot composition choices. Often times, the director and director of photography will work together before the shoot day to create a shot list (a shot by shot plan for the production).

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